Village of Earlville
           (315) 691-2121              Po Box 88,    8 N. Main St.,          New York

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Departments & Phone Numbers

     Liaison to:
     Justice Court 


     (Deputy Mayor)
    Liaison to:
         Codes Enforcement  
         Fire Department 
     Mark Golden 
     Liaison to:
         Civic Organizations
         Minority Business Officer/Fair Housing

     Rob Sporing 
     Laison to:
          Bank Reconciliations          
    Laison to:
           Parks & Recreation
           Opera House
           Events Coordinator
           Earlville for Earlville


                     FOIL Request Form 


   (315) 691-2121
   PO Box 88
   8 North Main St 
   Earlville, NY  13332

Code Enforcement:

    Office Hours: Wednesdays 5-7 pm


    Adam Shaver

    (315) 271-5713 (cell)

    (315) 691-2121 (office)

      Questions about whether you need a          

      permit?    Click Here.



     Henry Moore 


     Court is held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of      every month at 6pm

Animal Control 

     Carol Lawrence


     (607) 226-1858


     Marc Tucker/Dale Wissenbach

     (315) 691-7000

Earlville Fire Department 

NON-EMERGENCY  (315) 691-2211  


Police: 911

Non-Emergency (315) 366-2311

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