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Village of Earlville -           Ordinances, Local Laws & Resolutions


This is a work in progress and is not complete. For a copy of our current local laws, ordinances and resolutions in effect, visit the village office. At this time as they are being transcribed, they cannot be accessed electronically. Documents below are in PDF format.


Ordinances of the Village of Earlville, N.Y.

After a notice was legally given to the voters of the Village of Earlville by conspicuously posting in four public places, a public hearing was held in the Municipal building on May 14, 1963, at which 31 were present.

On May 16, 1963, the Village Board after considering the suggestions by the village voters passed the following ordinances. The vote of the Village Board was:

     Ayes, four: Drazek, Reynolds, Ryberg and Dugan.

     Nays, None.

     Absent, One.


Revised Booklet Published in 1977: 

Article 1: Corporate Seal

Article 2: Description of Boundaries of the Village of Earlville 

Article 3: Provisions Relating to Conduct at Fires

Article 4: Disorderly Conduct

    Section 1: Disturbance in Public Assemblages

    Section 2: Annoyance of Persons

    Section 3: Posting Signs 

           Section 3:1 Defacing Signs 

           Section 3:2 Defacing Property

    Section 4: Palmistry

    Section 5: Unnecessary Noise by Amplifying Apparatus

    Section 6: Intoxication

    Section 7: Vagrancy     

Article 5: Sidewalks and Streets 

            Section 1: Altering Grade of Sidewalks

            Section 2: Altering Grade of Streets 

            Section 3: Snow Removal from Streets and Sidewalks

            Section 4: Damage to Sidewalks and/or Streets

            Section 5: Construction on Streets and Sidewalks

            Section 6: Use of Sidewalks and Streets During Construction

            Section 7: Debris on Streets and/or Sidewalks

Article 6: Public Safety

            Section 1: Firearms Please see Ordinance of Feb 23, 1983

            Section 2: Explosives

            Section 3: Combustible Materials, Storage of.

            Section 4: Rubbish Fires

            Section 5: Hunting Within Village Limits 

            Section 6: Punishments, Fines and Penalties

            Section 7: Snow, Ice, etc., Falling From Buildings 

            Section 8: Bicycles

Article 7: Junk Yards

Article 8: Traffic

            Section 1: All Night Parking

            Section 2: Speed

            Section 3: Parking in Restricted Areas

            Section 4: Abandonment of Vehicles 

            Section 5: U-Turns

Article 9: Public Health

             Section 1: Village Dump

             Section 2: Restaurants

             Section 3: The Keeping of Animals

             Section 4: Slaughter Houses

             Section 5: Manure

             Section 6: Animals Running Loose 

Article 10: Peddlers, Hawkers, Solicitors

             Section 1: Definitions 

             Section 2: Exceptions

             Section 3: Permits 

Article 11: Repealing Clause

Article 12: When These Articles Take Effect

February 23, 1983 An Ordinance Relating To All Firearms, Respecting Article II, Bill of Rights Constitution of the United States

Local Laws


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